UrbanIxD Summer School

Platforma 9,81

Platforma 9,81 an association for architectural research

Platforma 9,81 are a collective of architects from Croatia engaged collaboratively and independently in the critical rethinking and debate of urban planning and public space. Working as architects they take part in the production and transformation of the built environment, yet this practice is closely entwined with their active involvement in the organization of platforms for discussion and research into economic and cultural shifts, desires and realities that become tangible through architectural transformations.

Dinko i Miranda

Dinko Peračić and Miranda Veljačić, from Platforma 9.81, focus in their research particularly on the Croatian coastline driven by rapid tourist development, as well as other cultural and spatial transformations of coastlines. Their other projects include an investigation into the swift changes in Croatia during the period of transition and an activation of a network of temporary public spaces for cultural activities in abandoned premises. They are based in Split, Croatia.