UrbanIxD Summer School

Displaced City

The Displaced City comprises of three projects: NokunaNecrotopia and Happyless.



Ameurasica: the Displaced City

2063. It is the 30th anniversary of the Big Flight, the most massive human exodus in history. Millions of people were forced to migrate after complete cities and even countries were drowned by the Leviathan tides, a series of cataclysmic tidal waves caused by the melting of the polar ice caps. Some citizens resettled in the redrawn coastlines of the world to build cities again. But they were quickly forced to grow as waves of immigrants from other sunken cities arrived, like parasites attaching to a host. Each group came with their own nostalgia and ideas of recreating bygone cities.


One of them, Ameurasica, is an explosive megalopolis of 128 million inhabitants. This displaced city grew quickly over two decades years as a 3D-printed assemblage of different cities that collide with each other like tectonic plates. The people organized themselves into district-states: cities within the city. To coordinate these networks of urban patterns and infrastructural resources an overarching Urban Operating System was built called Marco Polo. This UOS is able to run each of the city’s district states but it also tracks its citizens via a fleet of geostationary telecommunication drones.




Marco Polo observes Nokuna, the barter city district state.

Marco Polo observes Happyless, the official city district state of joy.

Marco Polo observes Necrotopia, the city district state for the dead and mourning.