UrbanIxD Summer School

Sergio Galán Nieto

I am an interaction designer with good skills in all kind of digital crafts. I am a Telecommunication Engineer by Carlos III university in Madrid (Spain) and I have a Master in Interaction Design by the University of Malmö (Sweden). Inevitably I have embraced the eclecticism and continuous research as a way of working, and I move between fields like software design, urban informatics, physical computing and digital art. Within these fields I try to develop projects related with environmental issues, democracy and participation. I also try to involve people on the things I do by not creating final products but platforms for people to interact with or build their own things.

Currently I work as a researcher and cultural mediator at Medialab-prado (Madrid). I also develop personal and commercial interaction design projects as an independent consultant. I’m part of the uncoded collective where  together with my colleague & friend Victor  we explore the playful and critical aspects of digital technologies in public spaces.