UrbanIxD Summer School

Sara Adhitya

Sara Adhitya is an Architect and Urban designer from Perth, Western Australia. While studying environmental design and architecture at the University of Western Australia, a concern for urban sustainability led to an early interest in urban design. She has since gained international experience in design, research and governmental organisations around the world, including the UDCWA (the Australian Urban Design Research Centre), the city councils of Perth and Bologna, Italy, and the French national scientific centre CSTB.

A parallel interest in sound and music has led to an interdisciplinary exploration of the two disciplines and a European doctorate in the ‘Quality of Design’ of Architecture and Urban Planning between the University IUAV of Venice (Interaction design research group), the EHESS (Advanced school of social sciences) in Paris, and IRCAM (Institute for contemporary music research), Centre Pompidou. With the intention to harness the temporal medium of sound in order to represent spatio-temporal urban relationships, the result is a ‘Sonified Urban Masterplan’ tool for both ‘listening’ to urban rhythms as well as designing them in space and time. In the future, Sara hopes to continue using sound to increase our understanding of, and interaction with, the urban environment.