UrbanIxD Summer School

Sandy Claes

Sandy Claes (1982) graduated cum laude as a master in Audio-Visual Arts – with specialization in animation – at the MAD faculty in Genk, Belgium. After her studies, she became an independent media artist, producing award winning animated shorts as “On a lead” (2005), “Bruised” (2006) and “Domino” (2010), as well as media installations, such as “Curious Shadows” (2009) and “Exploded Film” (2012).

All works are characterized by its interdisciplinary approach, combining different styles, techniques and contexts. Sandy combines her artistic work with an academic career. Since 2009 she teaches Audio-Visual Design to students in Interaction Design and was also involved in several design research projects, on the topic of serious games, multitouch interfaces, public participation and information visualization. Especially the latter was her interest, leading in 2012 to the start of a PhD on the topic of public visualization of urban data in the city at the Research [x] Design research group of the department Architecture, Planning and Urbanism. This way, her passion for space and media (grounded in her artistic work) is connected to her interest for visualization and public participation (academic work).