UrbanIxD Summer School

Sandro Engel

My name is Sandro Engel. I was born in Frankfurt in 1987. Since I´ve been a child I felt an huge enthusiasm for creating new things. That´s why I finished school with an Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education in Design at Gutenbergschule in Frankfurt am Main. Subsequent to this I started to study architecture at h_da in Darmstadt. Here I got the feeling for urban spaces, indoor and outdoor structure and design that Affect people directly and intuitively. Throughout school until now I focused on graffiti and street art. Step by step I discovered my passion for the third dimension, interactive concepts and urban areas and so I decided to study Graphic- and Digital design at HAWK in Hildesheim (Universitiy of applied Arts and Sciences). There I am offered the opportunity to connect my knowledge and passion, develop different ideas and concepts and even the chance to realize these in the end, like my current project “StreetPong”. Currently I’m also doing my bachelor thesis.

My main cause is in interaction-, motion-, 3D- and graphic design (illustration) and I pay most of my attention to creating interactive concepts, visual effects, and digital image processing.