UrbanIxD Summer School

Peter Kun

I’m Peter Kun from Hungary, an almost graduated interaction design student. I’m pursuing my masters education at Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden), and spending this semester at TU Delft finalizing my thesis work in experience design research. In my thesis I’m looking into designer strategies to evoke reflection, making people think, thoughtful or introspective.

My background is in industrial engineering and management, where I focused on product ergonomics, and organizational development; the latter made me work as a trainer-facilitator in youth NGOs, and recently as a professional. Combining these facilitation skills with design, I’ve been converging into human-centered design to enable people to participate in the co-creation of our surroundings.

Along my education I’ve experimented with building novel musical interfaces, and this also connects to my main passion: music. I play the drums, the guitar and the bass guitar, and I have a never ending list of other instruments to learn. Although I’m an introverted person, I like to meet new people seeking quality conversations. Also, along the past years I’ve learned myself to really prefer working in interdisciplinary and international teams on challenging problems. It is an excellent learning opportunity, and a fostered way to build good friendships.