UrbanIxD Summer School

Luis Veracruz

I obtained my Postgraduate Master in Urban and Environmental Policies at Carlos III University, in Madrid. Before this, I studied Law at Complutense University, specializing in Environmental and Public Law.

Before finishing my degree I realized that my future will not be in a Justice Court and I started focusing my career to the field of Urban Planning. After finishing the Master in Urban Policies (and working 10 months to save money) I came to Amsterdam in order to learn more about their way of making and managing cities. The last 6 months, I have been interning in Play the City, open platform for participatory design. Our main projects are serious games based on real urban planning projects.

During this period I have been in charge of the open research Majority Report. In this project, we analyze and compare different interactive city tools in order to find patterns of success between them. After these months, I have learnt so much about digital/smart cities, public participation, open government and other new trends in the world of urbanism.