UrbanIxD Summer School

Louise Jensen Germany

I study “Digital design and communication” at the It-university of Copenhagen, which focus on the aesthetics of user experiences and innovative concept development. Through my bachelor in “Digital media and design”, I have designed various playful urban projects that focus on how locals can connect and change behavior in urban space caused by a digital design e.g. “Playful Prayer” (Playing with 3D-projections on church-wall), “Urban hearts” (user driven city-development & Street art) and “Control public spaces through music”.

In my bachelor project I collaborated with the Danish Architect Center who designed an audio guide, where I explored how cultural organization can create unique cultural experience through location-based technologies. This February I moved to Berlin to intern at Invisible playground, which create site-specific street games and playful urban experiences. During my 9 months internship I am co-designing urban projects, which broadens my sketching and prototype skills, knowledge about social interaction in urban space and helps me explore the field of performance design. In 2012 I co-founded Magical Urban Fairy Tales that is a picture-treasure-hunt combined with a locationbased narrative. The audio stories integrate the objects found in the surroundings and emphasizes how physical objects looks like something more than just what they are.