UrbanIxD Summer School

Karey Helms

Born and raised in Tennessee, I attended architecture school at the University of Virginia. While studying architecture I became interested in kinetic design and responsive systems while gaining a core programming knowledge. Following graduation I worked as a digital information designer and architectural design assistant before taking a gap year to travel. Upon returning to the United States, I successfully grew a freelance web design and development business that I had begun to cultivate prior to being abroad.

In addition, I worked part time as a web designer and developer at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing arts in Washington, DC. As I was fully immersed within the digital realm, I was able to gain valuable experiences growing my programming, interface design, and user centered design skill sets. In fall of 2012, I returned to school at Umeå Institute of Design to pursue a master’s degree in Interaction Design as an opportunity to merge my backgrounds and explore the convergence of high touch and high technology. My current interests lie in responsive design, emergent behaviors, and vibration energy harvesting.