UrbanIxD Summer School

Jakab Pilaszanovich

Ever since my high school years I have been interested in finding the human elements of the worlds that surround us, and see the relationship between people and their environments. Having studied “Physics with Music” as my bachelor and “Music Technology” as my master (doing it at the moment), I got an introduction to science, art and the medium that could possibly connect the two in the future, technology. Between my degrees, I spent a year first working for a tech-based innovation lab where we developed new interactive systems for mobile phones. Then I got involved with a few sound art projects, where we planned and built public installations exploring urban spaces through acoustics and sound. I had the chance to live in different places in the past few years, so it would be really interesting for me to dive into a new city and create/hack something new that can challenge, excite and educate the people in the city, and therefore the city itself.