UrbanIxD Summer School

Han Pham

Han Pham@Designswinger

My nickname is designswinger, because I believe good design is the province of everybody, every discipline, every community, every culture. The best design creates a universal bridge that speaks any language, evocatively, whether you’re six or sixty.

As a tech anthropologist and experience researcher exploring the future of business through the lens of culture, creativity, and technology – that matters. Put simply, whatever the future holds, it needs to speak the language of people.

My passion is reimagining the human side of technology and designing a future that matters to people, and where people matter — whether it’s in the field, the boardroom, or striking up a deep conversation with the people I’ve met during my work in India, Finland, Scotland, Japan, Spain, France and the US.

From health innovation to sustainability, I focus on adding the human touch to digital service innovation by breaking down big challenges into achievable design solutions, and remixing ideas and connections so that it not only makes more sense; it comes alive in tangible user experiences and new opportunities – in the management of disasters, designing new ways of sharing hidden knowledge, creating a collaborative economy, and changing the way we move.

Transformative design is more than technology; it’s transforming context. And that context is people – where they live, work, and play.