UrbanIxD Summer School

Ena Hadžić

I am student of architecture in my first year of Master studies on University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Architecture.

Undergraduate studies three – year programme included many designing projects such as, residential building, administration skyscraper, interior design of an attic, urban designing of public space, industrial building, urban planning of city Međugorje and final project was designing elementary school.

During studies I took part in several workshops and conferences such as: student workshop Sarajevo Green Design Festival 2012., City Acupuncture workshop Sarajevo 2013., participation in Students Conference within The Fourth International Conference of Hazards and Modern Heritage (2011.) – Importance of place/as a preconference of the First Biennale od the Architectural and Urban Spaces Orvieto – Florence/. Also I have to mention my work experience as student volunteer (July 2011 – October 2011 , July 2012 – October 2012) in architectural studio led by an architect Amir Vuk – Zec, “Studio Zec”, where I had opportunity to see and learn about process from architectural sketch to real building.