UrbanIxD Summer School

Daria Casciani

Designer and researcher, she graduated at the Politecnico di Milano (2008) also attending multi-disciplinary courses at the ASP, Alta Scuola Politecnica ( www.asp-poli.it/presentation/ ). She has worked in several design offices and she is actually a collaborator of the Laboratorio Luce, Politecnico di Milano, doing research and projects about lighting design products with LEDs for outdoor environment.

As a PhD student at the Politecnico di Milano, she is conducting a research about people’s experience of the night-time of their cities. In particular, her research is about the new possibilities of lighting design with new technologies (LEDs, sensors and dynamic/interactive lighting) in the creation of more personal, social and experiential nocturnal cities. Urban lighting is one element in a complex set of factors that support a social space in the city. The lighting aim is more on re-establishing our physiologies, psychologies, expectations and values and, by the way, on creating new cultures of public space. This is the reason why the research about the relationship between people-lighting and the city should consciously exploit the possibilities, analyze the impact and effect of technologies and look for emergent relationships.