UrbanIxD Summer School

Caroline Peta Comino

I practice as an Architect/ Set Designer/ Public Artist mainly in Sydney both in collaboration with the collective Carte-Blanche and independently.

Through all my practice is a fascination with the way people use and interact with design at every scale and how this can improve and enhance their everyday lives.

With Carte-Blanche I have an interactive light see-saw that will form part of the Vivid 2013 program, a major light festival in Sydney. The see-saw is activated by users placing their hands on the sensors and broadcasting the collective patterns of the users on an LED curtain thereby documenting this cumulative moment of play of the participants.

I have also done a number of set-design installations including most recently a piece for ‘I Love Todd Sampson’ in the Sydney finger wharfs where the audience was guided through a series of confronting spaces and scenes.

Through my work I have also worked with a number or Indigenous Artists to realise their work in the larger context of the built environment.
I have also worked extensively with Indigenous Housing in Australia in regional and remote communities looking at how users interact with their built environment and the associated health impacts.