UrbanIxD Summer School

Assunta Matassa

I’m actually graduating in Communication Science (Master’s degree) with a thesis in Human Computer Interaction (expected degree in July). My knowledge in this field have been consolidated through an internship at Telecom Italia, where I’m working in the Research & Prototyping Department focusing my research interests on Future Internet Technologies and Pervasive Computing. Thanks to this collaboration, I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge in the field of user-centered design, contextual design and participatory design in multiple practical contexts, participating in ICT projects related to the issue of how to promote new sustainable ways of living.

In particular, using the knowledge related to the field of Ubiquitous and Wearable Computing, I focused my attention on the hardware prototyping for developing new devices that can enhance the user experience of citizens in urban spaces, providing them with innovative tools and promoting a seamless communication and interaction through different environments. My thesis, in fact, is centered on the design and prototype of a wearable device to support sustainable mobility, in terms of building a smart and “senseable” city through the use of innovative technologies as open hardware Arduino Duemilanove and Lilypad.