UrbanIxD Summer School

Press Passes available for the Summer School


There will be a limited number of complimentary press passes available to members of the media who will cover the Summer School for relevant print, online or broadcast media.

A press pass will allow you to attend the Summer School lectures and events, and will provide interview access to speakers, atelier leaders and participants (by negotiation with the organisers). You will not be able to participate in the Atelier groups. We request that you send us copies of everything that is published by you covering the UrbanIxD summer school.


To qualify for a pass you can be employed or freelance for relevant print, online or broadcast media, including blogs. Please email your application (max 2 pages) by July 31st. Your application should include:

  • Your name, address and contact details, including social media links.
  • Short CV or biography, and a statement of why you are interested in attending.
  • The languages & countries that you will publish in.
  • Evidence that you are working for relevant media, for example links to your online publication with your name and title appearing in an editorial capacity, such as a bylined, article written by you and published within the last six months.


Email: i.helgason@napier.ac.uk