UrbanIxD Summer School

VENUE: Youth Centre & Multimedia Cultural Centre Split

01-position in the city

The Multimedia Cultural Centre Split (MKC Split) is an institution founded by the City of Split in 1997. Its activities are to organize, produce and promote cultural programs in the fields of visual arts, music and performing arts, film and video, literary creation, entertainment, and recreational activities. MKC’s role is also to cooperate with other organizations, associations, and creative individuals in co-organizing cultural, art, and interdisciplinary programs, aimed primarily at the younger population, and to be a platform for supporting non-institutional culture. When selecting programs, apart from being guided by program quality, programs promoting urban culture and youth culture have an advantage regardless of whether they are musical, staged, visual art, lectures, forums, or workshops. Currently, the Multimedia Cultural Centre Split is extremely concerned to regenerate the unfinished building of the Youth Centre (Dom mladih) and to include as many citizens as possible, particularly young people, in its programs.

02-concept-section 10-exibition space-2008

13-small auditorium-2011

Dom mladih offers a venue with two stages (small and big auditoria with 380+500 seats), a spacious and well-equipped 500 m2 gallery space, dancing floor, and a number of other spaces used by other stakeholders: The International New Film and Video Festival, Cinema Club Split, drama and ballet studios for young people, stage dancing groups, a skateboard club, a free climbing club, etc. The cellar is home to a club stage and most of the activities carried out by the so-called coalition of youth associations.

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