UrbanIxD Summer School

The City of Split


Built in the 4th century by a retired Roman emperor that wanted to grow cabage in peace and take sluphur baths for his aching bones, Split is the second largest city in Croatia, but probably the first city of Croatia when it comes to beauty. The narrow streets of the Old Town, criss-crossed by drying laundry, small fishermen’s port of Matejuška, sandy beach of Bačvice and shaded rocks of Marjan all tell the same story. Split rules. It is the only place in Croatia where you can hop on a ferry and spend the day on one of the islands and return in the evening for cocktails and dancing in the streets. On the other hand, you might think you will just pass through Split and stay for a week. We love Split. Once you meet it, you will love it too.

From: GOLI ± BOSI – DESIGN HOSTEL (http://gollybossy.com/en/home)


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